MEDIA CHOICE: Judith Secombe, the publisher of CosmoGirl and Cosmopolitan Hair and Beauty, picks FlowerbyKenzo's poppy garden in Covent Garden

"Even those of us in the industry sometimes think, and not in a good way: 'Is there anywhere they won't put ads these days?' The rise of ambient media, in particular, has also seen the rise of ads that appear somewhere unusual just because they can.

"If you're going to intrude on the public, the least you can do is offer them something that merits their attention and makes a positive association with your brand. I think the poppy garden planted in Covent Garden by Kenzo last weekend fulfilled both criteria. The poppy is the symbol of the FlowerbyKenzo fragrance, and passers-by seemed fascinated by the garden. At the end of the weekend the poppies were given away to anyone who wanted some - a nice touch."

Client: Kenzo

Medium: A field of poppies in Covent Garden

Outdoor planning and buying: Ben Milne at Hyperspace and Adam MacGregor

at Posterscope

Media planning: Alex Rusell at Carat

Brief: Grow a poppy field in the heart of a major city to bring optimism

and poetry to the urban world