MEDIA CHOICE: Lisa Petchey, a director of MediaCom, picks Hamlet's swansong press advertising that spoofs the congestion charge ads

"There has been a lot of controversy around the congestion charge - will it improve things and will anybody really be able to understand how you pay? But when sitting on the (already congested) Connex train travelling into work the other day, flicking through Metro, the tactical opportunity by Hamlet managed to stand out and raise a smile.

"It delivered on several counts. Highly topical and within a tight window of opportunity - only two days to go before the tobacco ban. Another major factor was the creative treatment. A 100 per cent copy of the original Transport for London message with the ad located on the page behind the original. A tactical opportunity that really worked - creative and media in tandem. Bring on the libel case."

Client: Gallaher

Medium: Press ads in Metro

Media planning and buying: Rachel McGrath at Walker

Media Creative: Cdp-travissully

Brief: Capture and express the humour of the brand through topical