MEDIA CHOICE: Louise Martell, a planner at Klondike, chooses Mars' bus advertising for its Celebrations brand

"Standing on the Euston road the other day, I couldn't help but notice a big gold double decker. Even from a distance I didn't need a second look - it was a Mars Celebrations wrapped bus.

"Hats off to Mars for its imaginative and striking use of buses - fully wrapped in celebration (geddit?) of the lovely extra-day-off-giving Golden Jubilee. Many brands have jumped on board the Jubilee bandwagon but Celebrations somehow strikes the most salient chord. The red and gold sits nicely with its own colours and the theme is consistent.

"As we approach the season when every brand attaches itself to some event or another, regardless of relevance, I predict the Mars buses will continue to stand out as a fitting association with the biggest celebration this year. And it has managed to do it without too much sycophancy."