MEDIA CHOICE; Paul Biggins, the managing director at Tequila Manchester, chooses Sprite's outdoor poster campaign

"This campaign is a brilliant example of product interaction.

Tailored posters are placed in positions uniquely linked to their


Pointers link the poster to objects around it. This grabs the observers'

attention, reels in their curiosity and leads them on to the end product

- the bottle of Sprite.

"In this way, the creative is treated more like a game than a quick

glance and is brought to life as the product sits with real objects

around the observer."

Client Coca-Cola

Medium Mega-profile poster sites in London, Birmingham and Manchester

Media planning Tim Elton and Paul Thompson at BBJ

Media buying Frank Bryant and Liz Thompson at Posterscope

Creative Lowe Lintas

Brief Create an impact on passers-by through a combination of giant

posters linked to real local features