MEDIA CHOICE: Richard Bond, an account manager at Spin Media, chooses Heineken's pick-up truck stunt

"Heineken has changed. It has ditched the weak stuff and is now bringing the 5% premium version over from Holland. As anyone who's seen the current online and poster work will have noticed, Heineken is showing kegs of the beer parachuting into the UK and causing mayhem.

"My favourite shows a woman rejoicing at the beer's arrival despite the keg having crushed her vintage sports-car. The cars on pick-up trucks crushed by giant kegs are a great way of enhancing this idea and inject some fun into the sometimes stuffy premium lager market. Apparently they will be cruising around five cities over the next couple of weeks visiting football matches and drinking circuits.

"I'm sure heads will be turning. They did in Manchester with this one."

Client: Heineken UK

Medium: Pick-up trucks

Media Planning: Ben Johnson and Elena Iordanou at MindShare

Media Buying: Emily White and Katherine Palmer-Tomkinson at Portland


Creative: Clemmow Hornby Inge and Amber Media

Brief: Announce the arrival of 5 per cent Heineken