MEDIA CHOICE: Sainsbury's use of Hello! magazine

John Ridley, the sponsorship and promotions account manager at Carlton Screen Advertising, picks Sainsbury's use of Hello! magazine to publicise its new TV campaign.

"While flicking through Hello! the other week, engrossed in Nancy's exuberant style, I was suddenly distracted by yet another glamorous wedding - on closer inspection, I found myself being invited to Kev and Katie's big day somewhere in the middle of Coronation Street the following night.

"Sainsbury's Summer Wedding campaign was given a tactical edge by using a bound-in wedding invitation to invite readers of Hello! to tune in to the new TV ad airing the following night. It was a clever way of capitalising on the high levels of interest in celebrities, and spoofs the usual Hello! coverage of celebrity weddings. Sainsbury's was able to show how clever media use can lift the creative concept and bring the ad to life by involving the consumer."