MEDIA CHOICE: Sarah Stafford, the senior brand manager on Actimel at Danone, picks the Government's kitchen-safety message on packets of potatoes and chips

"I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea about my shopping habits, but even someone who spends very little time looking at Maris Pipers couldn't help but notice the kitchen-safety ads that have started appearing on packets of potatoes. A dim memory of old public information films tells me that most kitchen fires are indeed caused by chip pans catching light, so where better to place the message that 'Fire starts when your attention stops'?

"I don't know the exact demographic or psychographic definition of chip-eaters, but it's highly logical that the best place to reach them would be on packets of potatoes and chips. In terms of reaching the right people at exactly the right time without any wastage, this is pretty much the perfect solution."

Client: Office of the deputy prime minister

Medium: Ads in supermarkets on packets of potatoes and chips, and on

floor panels next to cooking oil

Media planning: Ciaran Challis at Carat

Out-of-home planning and buying: Doug Segal at Posterscope

Creative: Euro RSCG and DC Design

Brief: Remind old-age pensioners, 2CDEs, young mums and young males of

the danger of kitchen fires