MEDIA CHOICE: Simon Flaxman, a radio buyer at MediaVest, selects Sony PlayStation's deal with Xfm

"The Third Place is Xfm's new late-night Sunday post-clubland chillout show - with no ad break, no presenter and, as they claim, no rules. It's an hour of mixed and mashed music fused with all the latest music news, film clips and star interviews. As an advertiser-funded programme, Sony's name is barely mentioned, relying upon the fact that anyone under 35 knows that 'the third place' is where we play at being Thierry Henry or a Yardie gangsta on the PS2.

"It's only in its third week but the format for the show is already a success - who needs a DJ wittering on when you're on a come down from a heavy weekend? My only wish is that it was on earlier, because if they're targeting clubbers at midnight on Sunday, then I'm afraid the only place most of them will be is in bed."

Client: Sony Computer Entertainment

Medium: New programme concept on Xfm

Media planning and buying: Simon Wilden and Anahita White at Manning


Creative: TBWA/London

Brief: Take consumers beyond the normal media channel/commercial partner