MEDIA CHOICE: Steve Chippington, the marketing director of, picks the Castaway "island" ad in OK!

"The average punter won't know that an ad smack in the middle of a

page is called an 'island site', but it does look like an island

surrounded by editorial and is the perfect place to put an ad for the

DVD/video release of Castaway.

"Placing the Castaway ad on the Hollywood Gossip page of OK! makes Tom

Hanks on his island really stand out."

Client: DreamWorks and Twentieth Century Fox

Medium: First "island site" in OK!

Media planning and buying: Ben Gordon at MediaCom

Creative: Green Ink

Brief: Do something that varies from the usual run of press ads for the

launch of the Castaway video and DVD. Use the association of Tom Hanks

with Hollywood stars to create standout