MEDIA CHOICE: Sue Unerman, MediaCom's director of strategic solutions and Real World Planning, picks Lotto's airships to support its special "4" draw

"As I was taking my kids to the park last Sunday, we heard the sound of an airship overhead. Looking up, you couldn't miss it, and the three of us watched admiringly as it passed. I couldn't quite make out what it was advertising, but that didn't matter one bit because, uniquely in my experience, the first airship was followed by another. And then another, and then another. It was a totally overwhelming spectacle, and it was literally stopping people in the street. We passed two elderly people who were having quite an animated discussion about what was going on. I had the feeling that the stunt was taking them back to the war. And by that point I was able to reassure them that it was advertising for the Lotto and alleviated the possibility of panic in the streets of Gospel Oak. Unmissable, exciting and spectacular."