MEDIA CHOICE: Toby Huntington, a sub-editor on Campaign, was amused by the latest Super Noodles Vindaloo campaign

"Saturday afternoon, having a drink in a bar after Friday night's

beer and curry. I walk into the toilets and am confronted by a warning

sign: 'Caution. You are now entering a Super Noodles Vindaloo blast


"Inside, and there's more - one cubicle sealed off with police tape,

warning: 'Danger. Ringburn in progress.'

"It's a perfect example of advertising that the target audience can

relate to. Positioning the posters, stickertape and even smoke machines

in the toilets of pubs and bars means this campaign will be seen by

Batchelor's target audience."

Client: Batchelor's Super Noodles

Medium: Posters/ambient

Media planning: Pete Lien, Naked Communications

Media buying: Outdoor Connection/Blade

Creative: Mother

Brief: To position Vindaloo Super Noodles as perfect post-pub nosh