MEDIA CHOICE: Tracey Follows, the advertising manager at T-Mobile, applauds Honda's clever media planning of its latest Accord ad

"As a rule, I'm not a regular viewer of Channel 4's Full Metal Challenge but on Sunday I stumbled across it and was rewarded with another chance to see the brilliant new Honda Accord ad.

"As teams of hapless geeks tried, with varying degrees of success, to piece together their dream machines either side of the break, we saw how it should be done with this quite stunning piece of creative.

"At a time when there is so much mediocrity on TV, and when so many campaigns lack bravery and intelligence, it was refreshing to see such thoughtful placement of a distinctive execution."

Client: Honda

Medium: TV spot on Channel 4

Media planning and buying: Marcus Kennedy at Starcom Motive

Creative: Wieden & Kennedy

Brief: Identify programming in the television schedules to find things

closely related to engineering in order to expose as many people as

possible to the Honda Accord ad