Andrew Rispoli, who works in client services at Glue London, chooses Evian's repurposed Kylie bottle.

"It's no great surprise when brands piggy-back on the success of the hottest stars, but generally it's a cola brand spending huge bucks with its eyes firmly on the youth market and there's rarely much synergy between the two. Nice then to see a rare alliance of two no-nonsense, sexy and petite commodities; in this case, individual Evian bottles and the pop princess herself, Kylie Minogue.

"Evian is handing out free bottles of Kylie-branded water exclusively to concert-goers of Kylie's Fever tour, complete with autographed label. The public feedback seems to be incredibly positive.

Everyone seems to want one and they've already become collectors items with greedier fans already flogging them on eBay for £15.

"It's great to see such a buzz being created from a well-thought-out and cost-efficient idea - and even better to take a little bit of Kylie home with you too."

Client Evian
Medium 50cl Evian bottles
Media planning and buying Will McHugh and Andrew Daines at Cake Live
Creative Cake
Brief Support Evian's sponsorship of Kylie's Fever tour in an
unconventional and memorable way