Media Circle targets graduates in media job recruiting drive

Media Circle, the trade body specialising in media training, has

relaunched its Graduate Gateway site and is planning to go on the road

to promote media as a graduate career.

A working group, chaired by MediaCom's joint managing director, Jane

Ratcliffe, is seeking to recruit a band of representatives from media

owners and agencies prepared to give presentations to university


Media Circle's general secretary, Terry Wheeler, said: "When graduates

think of the media they think of journalism or TV, they still don't know

about the careers available at media owners or at media agencies."

Graduate Gateway was launched a year ago but it has been relaunched to

provide more detail about the skills required to work in the media and

has added a job section.

The Media Circle working group is drawing up a media schedule to promote

the Graduate Gateway site and Chrysalis Radio has offered free airspace.