MEDIA: COSMO GIRL AND ELLE GIRL - AN EXPERT'S VIEW. Elle Girl pips rival Cosmo Girl in appealing to teen girl readers

I think you're either a Cosmo or an Elle girl - the Cosmo Girl I

hated and the Elle Girl I loved.

It's quite hard to say exactly why - just overall I thought that Cosmo

Girl seemed to be trying that bit too hard to be trendy and appeal to

teenagers whereas Elle Girl seemed a bit more natural.

The star interviews for the Cosmo Girl cover were quite good,

particularly their tips on how to make it, but I'm just not particularly

keen on Hear'Say, Atomic Kitten and Samantha Mumba so I wasn't that

interested in reading the interviews.

Cosmo Girl tried to do a serious feature on racism based on one girl's

horrible experience in Oldham.

Although it was obviously traumatic for her, it was written as a

straight account of what happened and I couldn't get into it.

The Cosmo Boy section was quite dull, the two boys they featured were

not really my type so I didn't care what other people thought of


Other than that there were just lots of posters of the same old


My two favourite bits were "Buy the Best", which was really good and

compared denim jackets in the high street to highlight which one was the

best bargain, and the features in the shopping section.

I think some girls may be tempted to buy Cosmo Girl because of the name

but it's pretty much the same as other teen mags. Elle Girl, however,

was great. You get a fab free T-shirt, which I'd wear, and the Britney

interview was really good, with some nice pics.

There were some nice boys in there and not just the obvious ones. The

fashion was trendier and I really liked some of the fashion features

such as "De-parent your party clothes". After finishing reading the mag,

I really wanted to go out shopping.

One thing I didn't like was the makeover bit - I felt that it was a bit

"Richard and Judy" and I think if you need a makeover at that age then

you're probably in big trouble.

I usually read celebrity gossip magazines, such as Heat, and fashion

titles, such as Elle and Vogue, when they're in the house. I used to

read J17 and Sugar but I find now that they seem very young even though

they are filled with sex - how to do it, how not to do it and sex

problem pages.

It was a relief not having to read through all that.

There are already loads of these types of magazines out there but there

is always room for more, even if they aren't anything massively


I didn't think that either title was particularly patronising but Cosmo

Girl was definitely the more patronising of the two.

I would definitely buy Elle Girl again. It's just a shame that it is

only quarterly instead of monthly.


Publisher: Emap Elan

Frequency: Quarterly

Cover price: £2.20

Print run: 200,000

Full-page colour ad: £12,000

Advertisers include: H&M, Clinique, Barclays, Ben Sherman, Rimmel


Publisher: The National Magazine Company

Frequency: Monthly

Cover price: £1.49

Print run: 550,000

Full-page colour ad: £10,300

Advertisers include: Benetton, Clinique, Ellesse, BT Cellnet, Impulse