MEDIA: DAILY MIRROR ON SATURDAY - AN EXPERT'S VIEW. The revamped supplements in the Daily Mirror Saturday could be a winner

The title of the Daily Mirror's new Saturday magazine, We Love Telly!, is rather apt. The Daily Mirror on Saturday indexes higher (National Readership Survey) than the other populars for those seeking out TV programme information. In addition, but without surprise, Mirror readers are heavy TV viewers. It made sense to revamp the TV listings - The Look was getting tired and the low production values, including the liberal use of spot colour (I can't believe that still exists), put it some way behind competing products. The juxtaposition, of course, was that M was in a league of its own - it's a shame they couldn't make it pay.

So, is the "red-toppy" masthead part of Sly Bailey's "let's have more fun" campaign, and/or a sign of things to come for the paper's positioning?

We have already seen a lightening of the serious agenda and a commitment to "see the world through readers' eyes" and this is not a moment too soon. The Mirror's own post-revamp research revealed the paper's most popular attribute was "entertaining" (before the relaunch it was "down to earth").

This is odd, as I wouldn't have thought serious news is "entertainment".

In addition, the "campaigns on behalf of ordinary people" and "not afraid to challenge people in power" attributes did not change in terms of importance to readers. Put simply, the decision, according to the editor, Piers Morgan, to "throw away the trivia-led news agenda that has dragged us for so long into the redtop gutter with The Sun and the Daily Star", did not do it any favours commercially, even if it did win a raft of journalistic awards. Why it was left until recently to lighten up beats me.

The TV guide is a step in the right direction and could marginally increase circulation via increased frequency of purchase, if marketed well. As I understand it, they have set their sights on readers of TV guides such as What's on TV, but they will have a battle on their hands - the market leader is priced sensitively at 45p and has just posted its highest ABC in two years.

Football Confidential is unlikely to drive circulation - if you are a football fan and the Mirror is your paper, you probably already buy it on Saturday.

As an advertising vehicle, We Love Telly! will attract the usual direct response advertisers plus ringtones and holidays. FC will bring in betting and house ads. But overall, and particularly in cost terms, both supplements should be winners - bought-in listings and producing more football editorial will incur lower costs than putting together M and The Look.

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Frequency: Every Saturday

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Full-page ad rate: £36,800 (main paper, colour ad)

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