Media DNA - Brand Magnetism

As well as measuring a brand's personality, image and positioning, MediaDNA also uses Millward Brown's Brand Equity measurement technique to measure a brand's Brand Magnetism.

In a media climate where advertisers are demanding cut through in an overly cluttered environment and buzz words such as "engagement", "saliency" and "connection" are constantly referred to, Brand Magnetism provides a way to quantify a consumer's affinity with a brand.

Surprisingly, those brands that have high Brand Magnetism scores are not necessarily the mass market, popular brands that you might expect.

In fact, the brands that top the score list are the National Geographic Channel (89%), Discovery (88%) and Radio 2 (84%) while Big Brother (31%), I'm a Celebrity... (24%) and Footballers Wives (8%) achieve much lower results.

The personality profile here shows the personality characteristics of the highest ranking Brand Magnetism brand with the lowest ranking brand.

It seems the characteristics that lend themselves to high Brand Magnetism scores are intellectual, conscientious, rational, restrained and stable, while those that lend themselves to brands with low Brand Magnetism are excitable, extrovert, playful, carefree and practical.

Interestingly, internet and radio brands have a higher propensity to achieve elevated Brand Magnetism scores than other media channels. For instance, almost two-thirds of the internet and radio brands surveyed have Brand Magnetism scores of above 75%.