Media: Double Standards - Talking radio with the men from the metropolis

With the onset of digital, radio is set to experience even more growth in 2005, so can the RAB's target of the medium taking 10 per cent of display advertising by 2010 be achieved?

GERARD BRIDGES - London sales director, Chrysalis Radio

Should advertisers be worried No comment.

about the proposed merger

between Capital and GWR?

Do you think that the general It is improving all the time. There

standard of radio advertising was some great advice out of the RAB's

needs to improve? recent conference "Getting Serious

with Radio Creativity".

Additionally, two-thirds of the

Aerials' finalists for 2004 had a

director, more than ever before and a

demonstration that advertisers and

agencies are taking radio creative

more seriously.

How do advertisers benefit More choice, more defined targeting,

from the growth of digital greater interaction with the listener

radio? - pause and rewind, for example - and

more access points.

How much do you agree with It is probably a comment made in

David Mansfield's comments haste, which he may repent at his

that Chrysalis doesn't have a leisure, remember: "If you try to

"hope in hell" of winning the catch the tail of your leading

battle for London listeners? competitors, you will always remain

behind them. Instead, you have to

focus on the direction in which their

head is turning. Only then can you

ever think of overtaking them." Edward

Biernat, Bausch & Lomb.

How well has Johnny Vaughan Largely predictable - following in

done in his first few months? Tarrant's footsteps was never going to

be easy. Chris was an iconoclast of

radio. However, much work needs to

done to regain those lost


What's your most dynamic LBC 97.3. The station is constantly

station at the moment and why? evolving and the fabulous Mr either love him or hate


What are the advantages for As Confucius said: "Everything has its

advertisers of advertising on beauty, but not everyone sees it." But

radio? seriously, in addition to cost

efficiency I would add coverage,

targeting, frequency, share of voice,

share of mind, intrusion, personal

nature of communication and if you

still need more than this, visit the

Radio Advertising Bureau website.

What has your most effective, Disney on LBC. It wanted to encourage

exclusive sponsorship campaign sales of back catalogue DVDs so LBC

been this year? created capsule programmes telling

Disney classics at 6.55pm. These

helped contribute to a nine-fold

increase in sales. A great idea (not

mine) and really effective. Thanks to

Tim McCabe at Vizeum.

Do you think that the Radio In 1998, commercial radio revenue

Advertising Bureau target of share was 5.3 per cent of total

radio getting 10 per cent of display and has now grown to about 7

display advertising by 2010 is per cent share, so with the

workable? accelerated audience growth forecast

out of digital, 10 per cent looks

challenging but achievable.

JOHN MCGEOUGH - group sales director, Capital Radio Group

Should advertisers be worried No. The benefits of the merger have

about the proposed merger been almost universally recognised.

between Capital and GWR? For advertisers, there will be a

complementary portfolio of stations,

offering reach and scale. For

advertisers and listeners alike, there

will be a commercial champion for the

digital age, investing in technology

and talent and creating a stronger and

better commercial radio sector for all

involved. I believe that even Kelvin

(MacKenzie) has not publicly protested

against it, so that must tell you


Do you think that the general There is lots of great radio

standard of radio advertising advertising out there. However, there

needs to improve? is no dispute that across the board

standards could be higher. We are told

on occasion by clients themselves that

it is the inability to create

effective radio work that can either

diminish the results of campaigns or

even terminate investment.

How do advertisers benefit Like digital TV, digital radio will

from the growth of digital grow the size of the radio audience

radio? and provide opportunities for new

stations. Beyond that simple (but

valuable) benefit, all sorts of

possibilities are available in terms

of extra brand information, ever-

expanding platforms (3G, PDAs, etc),

increased sponsorship opportunities,


How much do you agree with I must say, I've really enjoyed being

David Mansfield's comments at Capital this year and look forward

that Chrysalis doesn't have a to many more years here.

"hope in hell" of winning the

battle for London listeners?

How well has Johnny Vaughan Imagine if, for instance, Coronation

done in his first few months? Street was replaced by something which

immediately began delivering much the

same audience - not likely!

Johnny has taken over from an

institution in radio, yet on the

latest Rajar figures his audience

reach is down by just 3.5 per cent

year on year.

What's your most dynamic Choice. Choice FM has positioned

station at the moment and why? itself at the very forefront of new

British hip hop and R&B. The figures

bear this out - it reaches more than a

quarter of a million 15- to 34-year-

olds in London and delivers an

astonishing 19 per cent share of all

female 15 to 24 listening.

What are the advantages for In no particular order: proven

advertisers of advertising on effectiveness, flexibility, editorial

radio? endorsement, brand-building, tactical

targeting, closeness to the listener,

young and affluent audience, out-of-

home reach, cost effective for both

creative and media, digital capacity.

Radio accounts for one-third of all

media consumption - how can you

effectively reach your audience if you

aren't present in that space?

What has your most effective, Kellogg's breakfast show sponsorship.

exclusive sponsorship campaign Not only perfectly targeted but the

been this year? recent renewal for 2005 (supporting

the Crunchy Nut brand) is in part

further proof of the strength of the

Johnny Vaughan Breakfast Show.

Do you think that the Radio It is achievable. To get there we need

Advertising Bureau target of growth and extra capacity in the

radio getting 10 per cent of industry so that we can take on the

display advertising by 2010 is BBC and provide advertisers with

workable? unarguable creative and effective

reasons to invest in radio. How do we

do that? See question one.