Media: Double Standards - Why luxury and high fashion is still 'a part of life'

Despite the tough financial climate, two magazine publishers believe luxury brand titles will easily endure and are, in fact, essential to our very survival.


- What's the best thing about your magazine?

A new agenda, a new team and a new era of Pop! Having pioneered the fashion biannual market, Pop is all set to innovate and jump ahead again - led by the new editor, Dasha Zhukova, and the editorial director, Ashley Heath. Pop's new manifesto is that the only certainty now is "change" - economically, culturally and in terms of media.

- Is high fashion and luxury still a hit with penny-pinching consumers?

Of course! Great design, great visuals, great fashion and especially great ideas will always cut through - particularly those from farther afield that aren't featured in every other fashion magazine and supplement. Luxury is part of life, it's not like sack-cloth is going to make a comeback. Innovation is more important than ever in the current economic climate.

- Why should advertisers invest in your title?

Pop is the market leader in the fashion biannual sector and we are very excited about our plans for the coming months. The biannual is an under-rated frequency - there is the time to produce something memorable and iconic and deliver it in a beautiful print package. The printed magazine will always be at the heart of Pop but Dasha and Ashley's ambition now goes further than this, particularly in using online to build a global reach and perspective. Plus making Pop come alive through events and gallery spaces.

- Who is your typical reader?

There is no such thing as a typical reader of Pop. Pop is idiosyncratic and open-minded and attracts a broad church of open-minded fashion and culture adventurers who drive trends.

- What upcoming innovative commercial deals can you tell us about?

What I can say is that advertisers have responded incredibly warmly to Dasha's appointment; to the new Pop online model; to our tie-up with The Saatchi Gallery and to the notion of an innovative and versatile gallery space in Berlin. I've got potential deals on the table too for a big international project and for a very exciting photography auction. I am booking good volumes of display space and also finding that,despite the tough times, there's real appetite for investing in innovative ideas and ways of connecting with Pop's audience.

- What is the worst thing about the fashion industry?

Some people are too worried about the past to see the exciting opportunities that are now opening up. What the world needs now is interesting partnerships and new ideas, not the tired status quo.

- What's the season's must-have?

A new perspective, a sack-full of exciting ideas and a great laugh at the first event we throw in the new Pop Berlin space. No invite required, just make sure you come with an open mind and stay around for a couple of days!

- Who is your dream cover star?

Wait and see ...