MEDIA: Eat Soup: an expert’s view

Gordon MacMillan thinks Eat Soup is OK, but there is room for improvement

Gordon MacMillan thinks Eat Soup is OK, but there is room for


Eat Soup comes from the boys who brought us Loaded. You know, the

magazine ‘for men who should know better’. That was the initial joke: it

was written and read by those who did know better, or at least claimed


But that was hundreds of thousands of copies ago and Loaded’s success

means it is enjoyed - without irony - by a lot of men who perhaps should

know better but don’t. They are not going to read Eat Soup.

Eat Soup is for the blokes that do. The editor, David Lancaster, says it

is aimed at people ‘who’d rather spend pounds 100 on a meal cooked by

Marco Pierre White than on a new lawn-mower’.

The first front cover with Michael Caine is a winner. Very cool. And the

interview with him is one of the better articles inside.

Upfront, the news has deft touches that could have been made more of.

‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been to a different restaurant to the

reviewer?’ and ‘Eat well on ex’s’, particularly appealed to me. The wine

piece is good too, as is ‘Get your chips on Route 66’.

Slipping down the seat is ‘Out to lunch’ with St Etienne’s Sarah

Cracknell. Why is this at the front of the magazine? (Clue: there is a

picture of her and you wouldn’t kick her out of your band.)

Not forgetting a feature on cannibalism. Question: is it a dying art?

The answer, yes (what a surprise), comes complete with a naked shot of

the Loaded babe, Jo Guest, on all fours.

There’s also a feature on vampires and maybe a few too many food and

travel pieces.

In the end, it really isn’t bad, it’s just a little schizo. Maybe they

Loaded too much on the plate.

Gordon MacMillan is happy to Eat Soup on anyone’s expense account


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