MEDIA: EVA: AN expert’s view

The new-look Eva won’t be finding a place on Louise Ford’s weekly reading list

The new-look Eva won’t be finding a place on Louise Ford’s weekly

reading list

I must confess that I can’t resist a flick through the vast number of

women’s magazines that hit Campaign’s desks on a regular basis. The

question is whether the redesign of IPC’s Eva will turn it into one of

those titles we fight over.

I’ve never seen Eva before and I’m not overly keen on ever seeing it

again. Try as I might, I can’t bring myself to write this off as lively,

working-class fun.

Its new look (Campaign, last week) has certainly succeeded in emulating

the tabloids. From the shock-horror splash headline: ‘Just a sore throat

- then our daughter’s skin fell off’ to the half-hearted racism of: ‘The

Germans won’t give me back my child!’ it is ruthless in its pursuit of

the disturbing and strangely uninteresting true stories of its readers.

Inside we’re hit with a barrage of clashing colours, wild headlines and

painful puns - ‘Tight said Fred’ and ‘You’ve gone too fur’.

The beauty advice is outdated and the ‘celebs’ are minor league: Tessa

Sanderson, Dale Winton and Michelle Collins. It’s depressing that the

nation’s housewives seem to demand this stuff.

Another shocker is the realisation that ‘real’ people are so disgusting

to look at. Real people are not artfully scruffy and bodily pierced, the

glamour of black-and-white photos taking the edge off their bad dress

sense, as they are in the new Extract magazine. Oh, no. Real people have

crap hair, bad skin, are boss-eyed and obese and they are here in force.

Eva seems to provide the same advertising function as the tabloids’

Sunday magazines, a sort of white elephants’ graveyard. Who could resist

the charms of Blackberry Blossom, the porcelain doll: ‘Sweet and a country morning’? Me, for one.

Louise Ford, a Campaign sub-editor, never has crap hair or spots