MEDIA: FLAUNT, THE AMP, SCUZZ - AN EXPERT'S VIEW. You don't need to be a teenager to enjoy Sky's three new music channels, Graeme Canter says

With 20 music channels already available for the digital viewer, it was perhaps a bold move by Sky to launch three new music channels in April.

Especially with the failure of Rapture still fresh in the memory, I was interested to see if Dawn Airey's first major projects, called Flaunt, Scuzz and The Amp, could offer anything other than the tried-and-tested formula of "video juke box".

Aimed at girls aged 13 to 16, Flaunt invites viewers to "watch the choons", according to the bold colourful letters on the screen. Featuring artists such as Justin Timberlake and Ja Rule, Flaunt offers gossip and tips on everything from style to horoscopes.

Pressing the red button on the remote control activates these. Once in the interactive section, you can get news on your much-loved band, enter a competition, or, my personal favourite, have a counsel with an acid-tongued agony aunt called "Agony Sista".

Even though Scuzz targets teenage boys aged 15 to 19, I found this to be my favourite channel of the three. Billed as "the natural viewing home for disruptive rock fans", I think it may eventually appeal to a wider audience. Not least as the majority of the videos I saw were so raunchy you would not see them on CD-UK. Bands such as Foo Fighters and Limp Bizkit bang out the tracks, but it's not until after you press the red button that you really get to the fun stuff. There is a game in this section called "Scuzz Boarding", which was really cool. I'm especially looking forward to the forthcoming animated feature on Scuzz entitled Cuddly Snuff, which promises to give us "101 ways to destroy your teddy bear in the most inhumane ways possible".

The Amp website told me it was a channel for "real fans of real music".

Since it targets an age group closer to my own, I was keen to see some familiar videos and I was not disappointed. With a play-list boasting Coldplay, Oasis and David Gray, I was instantly hooked and would certainly think about tuning in on a regular basis. Officially targeting 25- to 29-year-olds, it may take a few viewers from VH1, which also targets an older audience.

The early viewing figures for Scuzz and The Amp are encouraging as they fare well against Smash Hits, Chart Show TV and Kiss. It will be interesting to see if the viewers are willing to pay 50p for a song, but I found all three channels to be fresh and up-to-the-minute and not just your average video wallpaper.

Broadcaster: Sky

Frequency: Daily and 24 hours

Audience: (Saturday, 26 April) The Amp: Average 4,000 adult viewers

peaking at 29,000 at 8.15pm Scuzz: Average of 1,000 adult viewers,

peaking at 10,000 at 11.25pm Flaunt: Average of 1,000 viewers, peaking

at 6,000 at 8.30pm

Advertisers include: Powerade, 3 (Hutchison), Posh Noodle, 3M, Rockstar

Games, Sprite