Media: A Grazer's Guide to TV - 26 March - 1 April

MATCH OF THE DAY LIVE - BBC1/26 March/2.50pm. World Cup qualifier action from the England versus Northern Ireland game. Watch Premiership players kick lumps out of each other, especially if the Birmingham City plodder Emile Heskey gets a game.

DOCTOR WHO - BBC1/26 March/7.00pm. The Doctor returns for the first time since 1989, this time played by Christopher Eccleston. Will a whole new generation of 12-year-olds peer nervously at the action from behind the sofa? Probably not.

THE BOAT RACE - ITV1/27 March/2.00pm. Coverage of the 151st University boat race has switched from the BBC to ITV. The chance to watch oarsmen who are some way short of Olympic ability power under bridges populated by drunken toffs.

COLDITZ - ITV1/27 March/9.00pm. The first of a two-part drama featuring a dramatic escape by POWs from the famous prison camp. Stars Damian Lewis and Timothy West.

CELEBRITY FIT CLUB FINALE - ITV1/29 March/9.00pm. Who will emerge as the champion dieter? And, more importantly, has the darts player Andy Fordham managed to decrease his daily intake of wine from three bottles to one?

GET SHORTY - Five/30 March/9.00pm. A showing for the Elmore Leonard adaptation starring John Travolta and Danny DeVito in a darkly comic tale of gangster dealings.

FOOTBALLERS' WIVES - ITV1/31 March/9.00pm. A return for the sex-and-bling series which, judging from newspaper reports, will look to eclipse previous attempts at bad taste.

INTERACTIVE PICK - Sky One. Fans of 24 can keep up with the latest developments, learn more about the characters and find out about the reality behind the drama. There is even a chance to win a signed script. Just go to Sky One and press the red button.

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