Media: A Grazer's Guide to TV - 28 May-3 June

PAYCHECK (Sky Movies 1/28 May/8pm) The premiere of the Ben Affleck film, featuring a man who has had the past three years of his life wiped from his memory and is on the run from the FBI.

THE SIMPSONS (Sky One/29 May/6.30pm) A new episode featuring an attempt by Homer to cash in on the arrival of same-sex marriage in Springfield by becoming an ordained minister.

THE LAST DETECTIVE (ITV1/29 May/9pm) Peter Davison returns as Detective Davies. He is called to investigate when a former student is found stabbed during a college reunion.

MATCH OF THE DAY: ENGLAND V COLUMBIA (BBC1/31 May/8.55pm) England play a meaningless friendly against the South Americans as part of a money-making tour of the US.

HOLLYOAKS: IN TOO DEEP (Channel 4/31 May/10.55pm) A late-night, one-hour special of the Chester-based soap.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Channel 4/1 June/10pm) A double-dose showing the final two episodes of the US drama series. Edie tries to break up Susan and Mike and rumour has it that a major character dies and a new one arrives.

LADETTE TO LADY (ITV/2 June/9.00pm) Ten loud-mouthed young women are trained in social graces at an old-fashioned finishing school.

8 OUT OF 10 CATS (Channel 4/3 June/9.30pm) Yet another Jimmy Carr vehicle on Channel 4. A topical panel show in which two teams compete to answer questions based on opinion polls.

INTERACTIVE PICK - Sky channels - HP has created a spot using four video windows - featuring detailed ads on its camera and printer products. The campaign is running for four weeks on Sky and can also be found listed as "Money Off HP Products" on the Sky Active A-Z menu under H.

- A Grazer's Guide to TV in association with Sky Interactive.