THE MEDIA HOROSCOPE: Can your star sign affect your media career? Mark Tungate (Taurus) and Gill Hollis (Gemini) come over all Mystic Meg to find out what’s in store for 2000

It’s a new year and every magazine is chock full of star signs and astrological predictions. So why should we be any different? Campaign Media Business has decided to find out which star signs are best suited to media people - and which have to struggle to climb the career ladder.

It’s a new year and every magazine is chock full of star signs and

astrological predictions. So why should we be any different? Campaign

Media Business has decided to find out which star signs are best suited

to media people - and which have to struggle to climb the career


We have also taken the liberty of trying to predict what the future may

hold, while strenuously avoiding cliches about tall dark strangers and

gratuitous puns on the word Uranus.

For some expert advice, we enlisted the help of recruitment luminary and

occasional astrologer Gill Hollis, director of the Davies Company (to be

honest, this was her idea in the first place). Hollis tells us that

hard-working Gemini and ambitious Aries are the primary sales star

signs, and our straw poll of more than 30 media people seemed to bear

this out. Unexpectedly, quite a few media stars are sensitive Pisceans -

including Rupert Murdoch. On the other hand, Sagittarians were very thin

on the ground, as were Scorpios.

No doubt many of you will scoff at the suggestion that your career path

is written in the stars. But astrology has been around for 5,000 years

and is still popular, albeit with women’s weeklies and the creators of

breakfast TV programmes.


You are optimistic, outgoing and free spirited. You like to be the boss

in any situation - which is bad if you’re a junior member of the sales

team. You are almost incapable of being dishonest, but this sometimes

makes you tactless. You are generous and inclined to be reckless with

money. You’re a natural gambler.

Prediction There will be some setbacks this year, but you will seek

solace in excess. Book a table at the Ivy now.

Notable Sagittarians Andy Barnes, Channel 4; Carol McCormack, Virgin



Capricorn is the sign of organisation, ambition and will to succeed.

You are disciplined and determined, with a conservative streak. You

enjoy hard work to the extent that you sometimes find it hard to relax.

A typical publisher type, you aspire to a position of power.

Prediction The new year brings fresh challenges, but you will need to

throw your natural caution to the wind to overcome all the obstacles in

your path.

Notable Capricorns Mark Nall, 24/7 Media UK; Anna Barez, Lycos; Spencer

Berwin, JC Decaux.


There’s no pinning down groovy Aquarius, the sign of originality. You

might work well at a creative agency, because your natural flair for

off-the-wall ideas flourishes in a structured environment, where you can

kick against authority. You’re a seeker of truth, so flattering media

buyers or telling fibs about editorial content doesn’t come easily.

Prediction You need some cash to fund certain plans, so you’ll be

pushing for a promotion or a change of job.

Notable Aquarians Sly Bailey, IPC; Andy Jonesco, Express Newspapers.


Sensitive and mystical Pisces is a water sign, which explains your

inclination to go wherever the tide takes you. You are one of those

otherwise introverted types who lets rip at the office party (yes,

that’s your arse on the photocopier).

Your adaptability makes you a survivor, and you have a lucky streak.

Prediction Opportunities to make a killing will pile up.

Notable Pisceans Nicholas Coleridge, Conde Nast; David Connolly,

Starcom; Andrew Hirsch, John Brown Publishing; Rupert Murdoch, News



You were born under one of the ideal media signs. Your enthusiasm and

charisma make you an inspiring individual. You face challenges

fearlessly and thrive on competition - tough pitches and negotiations

are grist to your mill.

Prediction Another fast-talker will try to force you into a corner.

Notable Arieans Colin Gottlieb, Manning Gottlieb Media; Duncan Edwards,

National Magazine Company; Caroline Marland, The Guardian; Katherine

Jacob, Virgin Radio; Michael Heseltine; Martin Bowley, Carlton Media



Taurus is an earth sign, which is reflected in your dependable


You’re a good foot soldier, but don’t get trapped in that research unit

- if you put your mind to it you can get to the top. You like a

comfortable home and revel in the sensuous pleasures of food and


Prediction A brush with new technology finds you momentarily blinded by

science, but asking the right questions should put you back in


Notable Taureans Fru Hazlitt, Yahoo!; Colin Mills, Carat; Francis

Goodwin, Maiden Outdoor.


Gemini is another classic media sign, as it governs communications, the

intellect and gossip. You’re just as likely to work in editorial as

sales, although as Gemini is also the sign of the twins, you are

probably in two minds as to which would suit you best. Your excellent

social skills make you popular at parties.

Prediction Stealth and strategic planning will help you hit an almost

impossible target.

Notable Geminis Felix Dennis, Dennis Publishing; Tom Toumazis, Emap;

John Brown; Chris Ingram, Tempus Group.


Cancer is sensitive, caring and compassionate but this is hidden beneath

a tough exterior. Another good communicator, you’re likely to make an

excellent media buyer, as you can play hard ball while also intuitively

recognising another’s vulnerability. Good with money, you also have a

sense of creativity which makes you adept at selling or marketing.

Prediction After a long period of stability, a sudden change will turn

your life upside-down.

Notable Cancerians Simon Rees, MindShare; Angie Lopez, Lycos.


You are creative, charismatic and larger-than-life, with a strong sense

of pride and an air of grandeur that will set you on the road to

becoming a cigar-puffing media mogul. A genial host and a natural

entertainer, your charm enables you to glide effortlessly up the career

ladder, dishing out advice to others as you go.

Prediction You will snare some excellent deals if you play your


Notable Leos Mark Mendoza, Mediapolis; Steve King, Zenith; Simon

Matthews, Optimedia; Andy Mitchell, DoubleClick; Andy Hart, Sunday



Analytical, dedicated and discriminating, you are an ideal researcher or

media analyst. You are also a perfectionist and drive yourself as hard

as you drive others. Unfortunately, the only thanks you get for this are

comments like ’so, you’re a virgin, fnaar fnaar’ when you tell people

your star sign.

Prediction You enter the new year determined to make up for lost time,

but others may need whipping into shape.

Notable Virgos Carolyn McCall, The Guardian; David Campbell, Ginger

Media Group.


Diplomatic and fair, you’re a charmer who also loves to be charmed. You


to be admired for your taste and style, and you are probably a snappy

dresser. In spite of your need to be liked, you are strong willed - the

archetypal ’iron fist in a velvet glove’.

Prediction You begin the year calmly, but later on you let your dark

side take control in order to seal a crucial deal.

Notable Librans Mike Anderson, Metro; Mike Potter, Redwood Publishing;

Eric Clemenceau, Turner Broadcasting.


Intense and seductive, Scorpio is the sex symbol of the zodiac. You take

work seriously and have a thirst for power as well as pleasure. Your

well-hidden vulnerability can make you guarded. You could be an actor,

artist or an enigmatic boss of a large media concern.

Prediction Financial rewards trickle in at the beginning of the year,

and you could turn these into a flood if you convince others to loosen

their hands on the purse strings.

Notable Scorpios Christine Walker, Walker Media.


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