The style and listings title from Kiss FM has promise, Jonathan Allen discovers

The style and listings title from Kiss FM has promise, Jonathan Allen


They say the best things in life are free, so the Lick, Kiss FM’s latest

extension, is off to a cracking start.

This is not a big glossy magazine, more a detailed direct marketing

publication for Kiss. I was a bit surprised to find that Lick was an A5

pamphlet, but the cover promised music, clubs, style and offers, and

with a tongue-pierced cover girl it all looked very exciting.

We are introduced to the magazine by the dreadlocked Kiss managing

director himself, Mr McNamee, and various articles; club guides,

discount offers, competitions and a what’s on Kiss FM guide follow. Much

is based around Kiss events and programming and nearly all the editorial

is ‘written’ by Kiss DJs.

In addition to the clubbing and listings articles, there are several

competitions and discount offers from Kiss and advertisers within the

magazine. So overall, considering its large circulation (twice that of

Time Out) and the fact that it is delivered free to your door, it really

isn’t bad at all.

If this were a standalone title, it would be open to criticism. DJs,

although excellent at presenting shows on the radio, are not the best

source of the snappy, well-written copy we are used to. Looked at as an

awareness campaign for Kiss, it is, however, acceptable.

The Lick offers advertisers a tightly targeted circulation and

association with the Kiss brand, but the magazine has a high

advertising-to-editorial ratio, a relatively short life and low copy

readership. Making the most of the interactive nature of the magazine,

is probably the way to advertise and to get the best from a promising

new magazine.

Jonathan Allen is a happening TV buyer at BMP DDB