Media Lifeline: Bauer cross-media

Emap once led the way with its cross-media sales efforts, until Bauer took over.

May 2000: Emap creates a cross-media "market development" team embracing magazines, TV channels, websites and radio, within its sales unit, Emap Advertising, headed by Tom Toumazis. The cross-media team is led by Steve Newbold. He is succeeded in February 2001 by Jane Kesley.

February 2006: When Kesley moves on in October 2005, the role is shared by Carrie Barker and Karen Stacey - but Barker is given sole control under yet another restructure in which cross-media responsibilities are regrouped in a new unit called Emap2. This now houses both strategic and creative teams, the former to channel research insights and the latter to mirror the "media-neutral, ideas first" focus of media agencies.

February 2007: When Barker is promoted to managing director of Emap Australia, Rob Tomalin steps up to take the reins at Emap2, which now boasts a staff of 80 - and is now tasked with extending the Emap cross-media client base from its traditional youth-orientated profile into more general FMCG areas. When Bauer acquires Emap's consumer media properties in January 2008, the unit transfers too, becoming Bauer2.

August 2008: It doesn't last long under its new owners. Staff levels are slashed almost immediately, then the unit is closed and Tomalin departs. Cross-media sales and marketing efforts are now overseen, on a much more modest level, by Tim McCabe, who becomes the associate director of brand solutions within Bauer's commercial development team.

July 2009: McCabe leaves as Bauer makes fresh cuts. The radio sales director, Stacey is the broadcast sales and brand solutions director, overseeing a team of 17 on cross-media sales and marketing, while still heading radio. The TV sales director, Darren Khan, reports to her.

Fast forward ...

February 2010: And when Stacey is promoted to head Bauer's newly acquired media interests in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, Bauer Media decides to instigate a new helical-matrix hub-style structure, within which agency-specific sales teams are empowered to sell across all group properties. These efforts are overseen by a new committee structure headed by Dave King, poached from Telegraph Media Group.