Media Lifeline: CNBC

After 20 years of broadcasting and expansion into Europe, CNBC has become a truly global brand.

February 1998: The financial and business news channel CNBC had begun broadcasting in the US in 1989 (this week is its 20th anniversary) and had expanded tentatively into Europe too. Now CNBC Europe is launched following a merger between the Dow Jones-owned European Business News and NBC's Super Channel. Its headquarters are in London.

March 2003: CNBC Europe's commercial operation had been headed by Mark Miller, but when he returns to the US to a more senior role, Mick Buckley, a former UK managing director of Turner Broadcasting, is named the executive vice-president and commercial director.

August 2004: And there's a further promotion for Buckley when his immediate boss, Rick Cotton, is shifted upstairs to become the executive vice-president and general counsel of the CNBC parent company, NBC Universal. Buckley succeeds him as the chief executive of CNBC Europe - which is now available in more than 100 million homes, businesses and hotels in Europe.

September 2004: In turn, the UK regional sales director, Liz Jones, is appointed as the vice-president and European sales director - taking over some of the functions overseen by Buckley. She takes on the management of sales efforts in the UK, France and Germany.

May 2008: But when Jones leaves to join the outdoor media buyer PSI Advertising, she's succeeded by Paul Maraviglia, who joins from the now defunct independent film distributor Tartan Films. Maraviglia reports to Buckley, now the president as well as the chief executive of the European network. In September, the channel removes the Europe bit from its name, becoming CNBC - reflecting its status as a global brand.

Fast forward ...

January 2010: With financial journalism severely reduced in scope, now that the banks are owned by governments and China has stopped investing in the US economy, CNBC agrees to merge with the rival international finance channel Bloomberg. Buckley becomes the global chief executive but still has plenty of time to run his favourite football club, AFC Wimbledon.