Media Lifeline: ITV online

ITV certainly hasn't been shy in investing in and developing a wide range of digital services over the past ten years.

1998: Granada enters the web development business when it produces a site to showcase the Formula One motor-racing season - for which ITV has acquired UK broadcast rights. It then produces the G-Wizz! portal and the family of sites for Granada entertainment properties; and, in 1999, it has a hand in the launch of the first version of

1999: Carlton Active, headed by its chief executive, Jane Marshall, is set up to develop interactive programming and advertising opportunities on the digital terrestrial TV platform ONdigital, which is part-funded by the ITV companies.

2001: ITV broadcasts its first interactive TV ads via ONdigital. Unilever's Colman's and Olivio Spread brands are the first aboard, during daytime; then Virgin Mobile becomes the first peaktime interactive advertiser. Under the sales director, John Doyle, Granada Interactive has also been growing as a third-party online sales house - with clients including Boots, Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC.

2006: ITV has been developing streamed video broadband on a number of sites. In 2002, it ran the UK's first broadband TV ad - on behalf of BA - on the official site of Liverpool FC. In 2006, it also began making video clips from I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! and Love Island available for streaming to mobiles.

2007: revamps at a cost of £20 million to offer online simulcasts of three of the network's family of channels - ITVs 1, 2 and 3. There is also a sports programming stream, including F1 racing, plus a 30-day catch-up service and a programming archive.

Fast forward ...

2009: The YouTube subsidiary Viacom buys ITV to provide heritage content for its UK audience. ITV channels are withdrawn from broadcast TV platforms and digital content-strippers are sent into the ITV archives to break up its entire programming back-catalogue into 30-second "bite-sized" clips. Coronation Street - its only continuing contemporary programme strand - is now only available in daily download formats.