Media Lifeline: Mirror ad sales

The job of Mirror ad sales director has been through some changes over the years.

1987: Mark Pritchett succeeds his mentor Roger Eastoe as the ad director of Mirror Group Newspapers as Eastoe takes on broader management and commercial responsibilities. To many on the buying side, Eastoe and Pritchett are the last representatives of an old-school Fleet Street approach - uncompromising, bruising and confrontational.

2000: Following the merger of Mirror Group Newspapers and regional publishing group Trinity to form Trinity Mirror, a new management culture emerges. The Mirror plumps for a more cerebral approach as it appoints Neil Hurman, a former media director of Leagas Delaney, as its new ad sales director.

2003: In a move that surprises many, Sly Bailey, the chief executive of the magazine publisher IPC, becomes the new chief executive of Trinity Mirror. In turn, she poaches IPC's group ad director, Clare Dove, to replace Hurman. Dove is an all-rounder, having worked in newspapers, radio and outdoor as well as magazines.

2005: But Dove doesn't last long and Ellis Watson, now the paper's managing director, returns to more traditional ways in giving the job to Dominic Carter (pictured) - a newspaperman through and through, with 14 years experience including stints at News International.

2006: Carter defects back to Wapping to take the role of trading director on Times Newspapers, so Richard Webb, the Mirror Group Newspapers managing director (himself an ex-Wapping man), returns the favour by poaching David Emin, the director of advertising at News Group Newspapers, to replace Carter.

Fast forward ...

2008: As Trinity Mirror bows out of national newspapers, its red-tops are acquired by Richard Desmond. The division's new managing director, Stan Myerson, begins headhunting in the media planning community. Naked founder Jon Wilkins (pictured) is in the frame ...