Media Lifeline: Paul Keenan, Bauer Consumer Media

Having risen up the ranks, he weathered the break-up of Emap and now heads Bauer Consumer Media.

1998: Joining Local Government Chronicle as a reporter, Paul Keenan worked his way up through the business side and fashion shows. He became the managing director of Emap Fashion in 1995. Joining Emap Elan, he became the managing director in 1998.

2000: And he's entrusted with one of the most important ventures in the company's history, the creation of Emap Digital, as its executive director. He rushes headlong into a programme of expensive launches, both of magazine brand extensions and more generic portals. Then, as the dotcom crash bites, he has to fire most of the people he's just hired.

2001: But he's not down for long. As the group restructures following the digital bloodbath, Keenan is made chief executive of a new division, Emap Consumer. This brings the women's magazines in Emap Elan under the same roof as the company's other consumer magazine divisions, including Emap Automotive, Emap Active, FHM International and Emap Australia.

2006: Now his brief as Emap Consumer chief executive expands when he's given responsibility for radio as well as consumer magazines, with Dee Ford, the group managing director of Emap Radio, reporting to him. Radio has now been targeted as one of Emap's prime growth opportunities following its acquisition of Scottish Radio Holdings.

2008: After the break-up of Emap, Keenan lands on his feet as his division is acquired by Bauer and renamed Bauer Consumer Media. Keenan is still in charge, but only of its magazines. Emap's former radio properties are to be housed in Bauer Radio, led by Ford.

Fast forward ...

2010: And there's a tangible sense of deja vu when, as the chief executive of Bauer UK, Keenan wins an auction for a majority of the former Emap business-to-business titles put on the block by Apax Guardian Media, following a boardroom coup by the venture capital company. Keenan announces a substantial investment programme for Drapers, his newly acquired fashion business title.