Media Lifeline: Richard and Judy

The presenting duo have often shocked as their TV career has progressed.

1988: Having arrived by separate routes at Granada in the early 80s and marrying in 1986, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan come together to front This Morning, a frothy daytime magazine and chat-show produced by Granada for the ITV network from its studios on Liverpool's Albert Dock. It's an instant hit.

1996: But Richard and Judy rub the normally fair-minded media community of Liverpool up the wrong way when they announce that they are moving the show to London. Its continued success - it brings in more than two million viewers - has attracted a better class of interviewee - some of whom, when asked, expressed an aversion to travelling to Liverpool.

2000: The couple flirted with the tabloids throughout the 90s, but the dynamic duo really make a front-page splash when Judy's blouse falls open on live television, as she's in the middle of making an acceptance speech at the National Television Awards.

2001: Richard and Judy shock ITV when they decide to defect to Channel 4, citing the need to seek out new challenges. And it's a real departure for the couple - their new show has an afternoon as opposed to a morning slot. Initially it bombs in the ratings, but recovers strongly to become one of Channel 4's most reliable audience performers, with an average 2.4 million viewers.

2008: The couple announce they will end their Channel 4 association in August, with Richard expected to pursue solo projects and Judy to write a book. But it was revealed last week that the pair will decamp to digital-only UKTV to present a daily primetime show.

Fast forward ...

2018: Having flirted with the notion of taking their show to Saga TV, Madeley (now 62) and Finnegan (70) shock the media world by signing with ITV, now a community channel serving the Greater Manchester area. And there's further controversy when they decide to produce the show not from former Granada Studios on Quay Street in Manchester, but from a marina and watersports complex formerly known as Liverpool.