MEDIA: Media Choice - Vauxhall

John Townshend, the creative director at Rapier, selects a Vauxhall insert in Top Gear magazine.

"At an awards ceremony several years ago, Stephen Fry described direct marketing as 'those little bits of paper that flutter to the floor from your Sunday newspaper'. With his usual lightness of touch, he'd put his finger on a common sentiment about DM - particularly inserts.

"This insert appears in the Jeremy Clarkson page, Clarkson being a notorious Vauxhall-basher. The headline says: 'Critical acclaim for the Vectra, right in the middle of a Clarkson piece.' Inside, it gives us the glowing press quotes, probably the most powerful way to convince a car buyer.

"A cleverly positioned, sweet idea. Clarkson approved of it and, who knows, it might even have caught Fry's eye, before fluttering to his Persian rug."

Client Vauxhall Motors Medium Insert in Top Gear Media planning and buying Ian Cruickshank and Rachael Ford at TBWA/GGT Media buying Jo Beatty and Steve Payne at Initiative Media Creative TBWA/GGT Brief Tackle Jeremy Clarkson's long-standing criticism of Vauxhall cars and the Vectra in particular.