Media Perspective: A place of insightful thoughts longer than 140 characters

I'll admit it: the internet isn't always the best place for quiet reflection and deep thought.

Fair enough. But it's second to nothing at spreading a quick, useful idea. The other week, for example, Alice Taylor - games-maker, thinker and blogger - wrote a post called "5 things I'm thinking right now" and, immediately, a bunch of the interesting, informed people who read Alice's blog realised that "5 things" was a neat little basis for a post and, in fairly short order, had written their own.

Dan Hon collected some of them together at There are 16 people featured on that page, which gives you 80 provocative nuggets of thought from smart, connected people in media, games and technology. If you can't spin a decent presentation out of a meaty resource like that, you should have your PowerPoint licence revoked.

Here are the ones that stuck out for me:

1. "This time, the phone is for real" (Kim Pallister). Kim makes the point that the phone has been touted as the coming device for connecting people to the internet for years. And while people have nodded and agreed, they've never thought of it as being capable of anything more than basic applications. The iPhone and, now, Android have reset those expectations; and low-end phones, and billions of people, will follow swiftly along.

2. "Attention patterns" (Matt Locke). Matt is a particularly astute thinker about the places where games meet other media and thinks hard about the new ways attention is being attracted and divided up: like big spikes around liveness, cultish, fan-like behaviour around box-sets and all those little blips of casual attention aggregated into big bags of viewership. Understanding these changing patterns is a fascinating new challenge.

3. "Breaking the concept of the page" (Ben Hammersley). Ben's building the iPad app for Vogue and it's making him think about whether the page is a necessary metaphor to be ported over to magazine versions on digital devices. He has a point, and when we're buying and creating pages ourselves, it's worth thinking about.

4. "Peak game" (Dan Hon). Even before most of you have built a game, the games people are worried you'll spoil everything. Remember all that blundering around the web that brands and agencies did? It's going to be like that in games-world - only with points that will tell us how bad we're doing.

5. "Real things" (various). A few people talked about this; the notion that as the digital world expands, the real and physical is being rediscovered and revalued. And that the interaction between real and digital is the really interesting problem to solve.

What are your five? It's a good thing to know.