Media Perspective: It will take all Emin's passion to breathe lifeinto the Mirror

What passes for life in the Daily Mirror now seems to reside in its award-winning sports pages. Alternatively, it's in the increasingly odd ramblings of its Scouse columnist Brian Reade.

Otherwise, the once great red-top reads like a duller version of The Independent compressed with The Beano.

So if you think that David Emin, the News Group advertising director, has his work cut out in taking the equivalent job at Mirror Group Newspapers, you're probably right.

Emin replaces Dominic Carter who, in a reverse move, has switched to Emin's current employer, News International, as the trading director of Times Newspapers.

As one press director puts it: "Emin will find it very very different. If you talk to any client about knocking The Sun off a schedule it's not going to happen, but knocking the Mirror off is an easier conversation."

Not that News International, Emin's employer for the past 12 years, has had it easy of late. Reports suggest that advertising at The Sun fell by more than 7 per cent last month, while revenues at News of the World were flat.

There are undoubted attractions surrounding the Mirror job - not least the possible size of Emin's new package, which is likely to dwarf his previous one.

But is this really danger money? After all, Emin is reunited with old boss Richard Webb, the former general manager at News Group, who is now the managing director at Mirror Group Newspapers.

Yet despite declining circulation, both The Sun and the News of the World still have some energy about them, so the Mirror Group has it all to do with its products - some say there has been a lack of investment in its core Daily Mirror title and that little has been done to address the declining circulation of The People.

Energetic and bright, at 46 Emin still lives the life - late-night poker schools with the boys loom large - and there is no doubt that he is a top ad director. As one agency source puts it, he's a "bloody good salesman when he puts his mind to it".

Emin seems to be inheriting a solid team led by the head of newspaper advertising, Mike Allen, who some had supported for the ad director role.

It seems, however, that Webb was always likely to want his own man.

The challenge for Emin will be to introduce his energy and passion into the Mirror, which could be viewed as a competent operation that needs investment.

If he can bring some of his sense of fun and style to the Mirror, then that will be a bonus. Though whether Trinity Mirror is as serious about national newspapers as Webb and Emin has yet to be proven.