MEDIA: REBORN IN THE USA - AN EXPERT'S VIEW. Anahita White is disappointed and somewhat bewildered by the point of Reborn in the USA

Another confused slice of budget primetime Saturday ITV fusing Old Faces, Come Dancing and Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes (or celebrity anything for that matter).

The aim seems to be to make money with the least possible outlay through phone voting and advertising. The Boddington's-sponsored show attracted a range of mainstream advertisers, which reflected the show's mixture of TV genres. Some even had bespoke copy.

Ingredients: ten pop has-beens, one lucky reserve, one overbaked TV presenter, one bewildered US audience.

Method: take the UK has-beens to tour America - the toughest market.

Let each do a turn to a live audience, which has no idea who they are.

Once they've humiliated themselves, the live audience votes for its favourite.

British viewers decide between the two worst performers, who will be booted off. The remaining stars will continue to the next leg of the Reborn tour. Continue until you have only two remaining (seven weeks). Bring them back to England for a sing-off, where UK voters will pick the winner of a recording contract.

Mark Shaw (Then Jericho) summed it up: "For me it's about music and I'm not going to sell my soul ... with a bunch of second-rate f***ing celebrities who couldn't hold a note if their lives depended on it."

Results: in a desperate attempt to keep the reality TV genre alive we are left with a confusing concept which may have trouble finding an audience; young pop fans who tuned into Pop Idol won't know or care about these old has-beens and those who do will only buy retrospectives. The programme makers argue that lack of previous success in the US will make for more compelling TV as they have only raw talent to depend on, but this talent could hardly be called raw if their careers peaked years ago - if it can be called talent at all.

Initial figures are disappointing and show that audiences tailed off substantially midway through the one hour, 15 minute-programme (it peaked only ten minutes in). Keeping momentum is already an issue and there are seven weeks to go. Keeping the contestants is also proving to be difficult with the untimely retreats back to oblivion of Shaw and Sonia.

However, on the upside, inflicting our bad TV concepts and talentless ex-pop stars on America is sweet revenge for Tiffany and My Two Dads.

All this while creating reality TV lacking real people combined with a celebrity-less celebrity show - genius.

Join me next week when I'll be reviewing Celebrity Airline Hell, when 70s soap stars will be attempting to board a budget airline and the public get to vote on which is too drunk to fly.

Broadcaster: ITV1

Frequency: Saturday at 9.35pm

Audience: 3.8 million (17 per cent share)

Advertisers include: Boddington's (sponsor), British Airways,

Sainsbury's, Glamour, Gillette