MEDIA: RISE - AN EXPERT'S VIEW. Rise's presenters need greater enthusiasm to make the show essential TV, Ilker Shakir says

With The Big Breakfast having been such a nightmare for the hangover age, it was with great trepidation that I woke up to Rise, its replacement on Channel 4, last Monday morning. I had given up on The Big Breakfast long before it had ended and had taken to watching MTV, but I thought I'd give Channel 4 one more try.

I was met by a group of Sky presenters slightly surprised at finding themselves on terrestrial television - some for the first time - but they appeared undaunted. A good thing, you may have thought, although as I finished my corn flakes and was deciding whether the trains would be kind to me so I could spend more time doing nothing, the programme's Achilles' heel became evident.

Here we have four presenters: Mark Durden-Smith, a rugby correspondent for Sky Sports, Edith Bowman, a DJ and MTV presenter, Colin Murray, a Radio 1 stand-in DJ and finally Kirsty Gallacher, the easy on the eye Sky presenter.

The problem appeared to be that they were being asked to do things they had never done before. To ask a DJ and music gossip to front the weather and a Radio 1 stand-in DJ to provide news on the Mayday Protests just didn't work. Yes, there was detail, but it was too obvious that they just weren't interested.

When the presenters do what they know best it works. It doesn't bother me that the presenters discuss whose turn it is to make the coffee or that they wander off camera to do it. It's all good fun. This is, after all, what they are trying to achieve. They are going for the 20- to 24-year-old market and are looking to replicate the informal feel of the red-top press.

However, at this age, we want something we can ignore and (hangover permitting) occasionally some concise information. The news they were giving us was too long for headlines but too short for the randomness that we like in The Sun.

At its peak, The Big Breakfast was hitting 1.5 million a day but this had fallen to around 150,000 by its end. An audience of 239,000 - an improvement - watched the first show, although Channel 4 is aiming for 500,000 within 12 months. However, being beaten by all other channels on launch day, including Bear in the Big Blue House on Channel 5, it appears it still has some work to do.

The Rise strapline is: "Are You Awake?

I say you may have been before you started watching ... I don't think it will be long before I am back watching MTV.