Media: Strategy of the week - Kiss 100 aims to capitalise on its love of summer

Kiss 100 shows off its 'street' credentials in multimedia campaign, Jeremy Lee says. In the fiercely competitive London youth radio market, Emap Performance's Kiss 100 dance music station has always positioned itself towards the edgier end of the spectrum.

Because it wants to be seen by its target market of 15- to 24-year-olds as urban and underground, flyposting has traditionally played a large part in its communications strategy.

Mindful that local authorities are rapidly losing patience with persistent flyposting offenders (the managing director and three members of staff at the ambient media specialist Diabolical Liberties are currently being pursued by Camden Council for flyposting), Kiss 100's latest campaign had been designed to be more careful without losing its "street" image.

The campaign, which marks the debut work from HHCL Red/Cell, comprises TV, press activity in Emap-owned titles and extensive experiential and event activity. While the work retains the "live sexy" line developed by Mother, the agencies have attempted to reposition the radio station as a destination for summer listening.

Naked Communications was asked to develop the central strategy and based the communications on the theme "Kiss 100 loves summer". HHCL/Red Cell then interpreted this idea with a series of TV vignettes, part of a £1.5 million marketing spend and Kiss 100's biggest ad campaign for three years.

The TV work shows a series of young Londoners wearing grass-stained clothes.

The reason for these stained clothes is eventually revealed as the result of snogging to Kiss 100 in the park.

Starcom Motive has bought the TV airtime and the ad is running on all of the terrestrial TV channels and Emap's music channels until the middle of September.

But TV is only a small part of the strategy with events playing a key role. "The essence of Kiss 100 is brave, young London and our insight is that when the sun comes out, people in London become braver," Jon Forsyth, the joint head of planning at Naked, says.

Non-traditional media was designed by Odd and executed by Diabolical Liberties.

A series of "Kiss on the Green" events for these "brave young Londoners" has been planned in six parks around London including Tooting Bec, Victoria Park and Battersea Park. The events offer activities such as football tournaments and games of swing-ball, and also allow Naked to get involved in product promotion for the station with Kiss 100 T-shirts given away to attendees.

Kiss 100 and the Benjy's sandwich chain have entered a partnership with the development of Benjy's picnic deals for the events. Kiss 100 in return gets the opportunity to put promotional material in-store. Also available are ice- creams branded "Kiss 100" rather than the traditional "99 Flake".

Kiss 100-branded six-sheet window posters have been posted in the windows of shops relevant for the target audience attending the events, such as kebab houses.

"We've tried to give the impression of an urban and street outdoor campaign but, in fact, it has all been done with the permission of the authorities," Forsyth says.

The campaign has been designed to run for a longer burst than previous Kiss 100 activity so it remains in people's consciousness when they are asked to fill in their radio listening diaries for Rajar at the end of the next quarterly period.

Whether this has an influence on the archaic Rajar audience measurement system will be seen when the third-quarter results are published later this year.

Client: Kiss 100

Media: TV, press, posters, events

Agencies: Naked Communications, HHCL/Red Cell, Starcom Motive, Odd,

Diabolical Liberties

Media idea: Position Kiss 100 as the feelgood station of the summer