MEDIA: STRATEGY OF THE WEEK - REMINGTON. Grey's ad campaign targets women through a variety of media

In anticipation of a long, hot summer and the subsequent arrival of bikinis on the beaches, Remington has launched the first bikini trimmer to hit the UK market.

The electrical goods manufacturer, once famously owned by the late Victor Kiam, hopes to capture young, adventurous women's imagination through Grey Worldwide London's cutting-edge ad campaign for the Remington Bikini Trim and Shape.

The creative execution is arguably the first interesting work to emerge from Grey since Garry Lace's arrival as chief executive, and marks a distinct diversion from previous campaigns for Remington's already-established range of shavers.

Indeed, Trim and Shape is part of Remington's attempt to raise its profile with younger consumers while reflecting the trend for pubic styling - a subject that was first broached in the American TV hit series Sex and the City.

The idea behind the creative was "discovery" - the challenge was talking to women in a non-offensive way about a delicate subject while overcoming the perception of Remington as a masculine shaving brand. And the integrated media strategy by MediaCom, which encompasses print, online and postcards, is almost as innovative as the product itself.

On a budget of just £250,000, Remington has accordingly targeted its gender-specific audience through the traditional core of women's and lifestyle magazines. It avoided exposure in national newspapers to pre-empt any possible complaints among some of the readership.

The print element of the campaign, which features a silhouette of a woman, runs between July and September in the health and beauty sections across a range of weekly and monthly glossy titles including Red, Marie Claire, Heat, OK!, Now and Cosmopolitan magazines. This is designed so Remington can reach an audience of fashion-conscious 18- to 35-year-old women.

More startling and irreverent is the range of fun postcards with stencils on the reverse, to support the print work, that suggest some of the more exotic styles users might opt for. These are being distributed via "Don't Panic" flyer packs in urban shops, nightclubs and bars to encourage women to talk about the concept of bikini trimming and also send the postcards to their friends.

By pinpointing trendy shops and bars, it is anticipated the postcards will find their way into the hands of young women who are willing to try something a little different. Among the proposed designs are Attention Seeker, Little Devil and Man Eater.

In addition, a viral marketing element has been developed in association with Along with a link to handbag's newsletter - which has a readership of more than 250,000 people - Grey has launched a competition on the site to win a bikini makeover, plus Michaeljohn beauty salon and travel vouchers worth £600.

On the competition entry page the contestant is required to put forward the e-mail addresses of three friends to whom another e-mail can then be sent, thus steering people back to the site and enabling data capture.

At the microsite created for the campaign (www.remingtonbikini. com) there is plenty of information on the new shaver, including details of where it can be purchased, along with advice on how to maintain the bikini area once trimmed.

Grey decided to include online and viral elements in order to extend communication with women on a one-to-one basis about such a personal product.

Also included are e-cards, fashion items and the "bikini chronicles". The site was designed and developed by Grey in association with Paperaeroplane.

Kay Downs, the managing director of Remington, says: "In this new category we are creating, we need to stand out from the crowd. Direct viral marketing is effective, targeted and personal communication, which allows Remington to talk discretely to our audience in a fun way. After all, not many mediums let you discuss what's new about pubic hair."

The new product has also been sent out to various newspaper fashion editors, so they can try the Trim and Shape for themselves and generate word-of-mouth marketing and PR for the product.

Afternoon radio talk shows and the topical daytime chatshow This Morning, which are listened to by a high proportion of 18- to 35-year-old women, have already been discussing the pros and cons of an electric shaver for the bikini area.