Mark Gorman admits to a grudging affection for the Sassenach Sunday Times

Mark Gorman admits to a grudging affection for the Sassenach Sunday


It’s true, I have to admit, we Scots have a chip on our shoulder. No we

don’t. It’s a poke of chips. But when it comes to newspapers, the only

chips we sport are the ones that old issues wrap up.

Scotland is the most newspaper-devouring nation on earth, they say. And

when you consider the phenomena that are the Daily Record, Sunday Mail

and Sunday Post, who’s going to argue? When it comes to papers, we’re


So, asked to give the new-look English invader in a kilt a good going

over, I was looking forward to spouting patronising platitudes.

But no, it wasn’t to be. The new Sunday Times Scotland is a good quality

national paper with a quality Scottish paper hidden inside. Good sport,

OK business, good arts, even a page on Scottish radio.

I’m genuinely impressed. The problem with the old Sunday Times Scotland

section was that it was like the Sunday Times with a complementary issue

of ‘Life in a Scottish sitting room’ thrown in free. And anyone who

knows Ivor Cutler will realise that ‘Life in a Scottish sitting room’ is

not something we really want to dwell on.

‘Ecosse’ is clearly the trump card. They’ve genuinely had a go, with a

‘Sean Connery for president’ cover story, an eight-day what’s on guide

and a regular column by Pete Irvine, author of Scotland the Best and

resident expert on all that’s Scottish and good.

One last point. The sport was excellent (it was always the best bit of

the old Sunday Times Scotland), but when we nick your goalposts in June

will the paper take a pro- or anti-Scots view?

Mark Gorman is the managing partner of the Edinburgh agency, 1576