Media: Things we like

Twenty20 final on Sky Sports

At last, England win a cricket World Cup! Its first one ever. OK, so our Aussie mates are saying it's not proper. But England still won a World Cup at something and beat the Aussies, and that made for great Sunday viewing. Sadly, it wasn't advertising's finest hour as electronic ads on the sight screens in Barbados held up play for close to ten minutes. But, on the plus side, Sky's coverage was excellent (pulling in close to two million viewers) and we were punching the air as our South Africa-born batsmen got England closer to the winning total.

Wormwood Scrubs on ITV1

In our view, there aren't enough prison documentaries on TV. We must have watched America's Hardest Prisons about 20 times. So ITV1's recent two-parter, Wormwood Scrubs, had us gripped. Made by an award-winning documentary-maker, this show was surprisingly insightful and thought-provoking, and provided us with a much-needed view inside a major UK jail. In conclusion, it doesn't look quite as cushy as The Sun would have us believe.

The Mail on Sunday's Lord Triesman scoop

The Mail on Sunday doesn't always get the credit it deserves for its scoops and last Sunday's one, exposing remarks apparently made by the FA chairman Lord Triesman, was a cracker that led to his resignation and chaos surrounding England's 2018 World Cup bid. While we applaud such courageous journalism, we hope for two things. First, given that the story came about as a result of a secretly recorded dinner conversation, that our contacts don't suspect the same kind of intrepid approach from Campaign hacks and cancel lunches. Second, and far more important, that the scoop doesn't destroy England's £3 billion World Cup bid as we'd really quite like to win that contest.

Digital radio figures

Last week's Rajar results delivered some much-needed cheer for the radio switchover body Digital Radio UK. During the first quarter, digital radio listening rose to 24 per cent, up from 20.9 per cent in the first quarter. The growth provides hope for advertisers seeking clarity over a date for the eventual switch-off of the analogue signal.


Yet more 'save BBC 6 Music' protests

We know it's great but we're getting tired of this continued campaign to save BBC 6 Music. A further protest is scheduled to take place outside BBC Broadcasting House on Saturday and will no doubt generate acres of media coverage from the London-based luvvies who listen to it. There are many other bits of the BBC we'd take the axe to ahead of this niche digital channel but part of us wants this crusade to fail because some of those involved are just so bloody righteous about the cause.