Media: Things we like

Kerrang!'s unsigned bands promotion

Though Bauer Media's Kerrang! Radio is a consistent champion of unsigned music through The Unsigned Show every Sunday, it is its latest competition that truly displays the station's unequivocal belief in bedroom bands. Kerrang! is offering an unsigned band the opportunity to play a 30-minute set to support the rock legends Bon Jovi at the O2 arena in London. A panel from the station will whittle down a shortlist of three and then one lucky band will be chosen by listeners.

Finale of Lost on Sky1

After six seasons, the US drama Lost finally came to an end this week and fans weren't disappointed with the climax to the last episode. Also, thanks to a clever wheeze from Sky, UK fans were able to watch the episode at the same time as viewers on the West Coast of the US due to a 5am broadcast (watched by 600,000 UK viewers). We opted instead for the rerun later in the day and still profess to be slightly baffled. Now we'll be looking with interest for the next big US import following the conclusion of both Lost and 24 this season.

Red Dead Redemption

The latest video game from Rockstar, the creator of the Grand Theft Auto series, is taking up most of our waking hours outside of work. Set in the late days of the American Wild West, the story is absorbing, the action intense and the challenges seemingly never-ending. It's pretty serious and violent stuff and seems to have little of the humour of Grand Theft Auto, but in terms of its sheer epic scale and artistry, this has to be one of the most impressive video games yet to be released and provides some clues as to the way forward for the merging worlds of film and games.

3D magazines

We're enjoying the new trend of 3D content to enter the magazine world, with IPC Media's Nuts men's title publishing ad and editorial content in 3D last week. This followed Grazia's one-off 3D issue in March and now Nuts' rival, Bauer's Zoo, is going down a similar route with this week's issue containing 21 pages of 3D editorial and 13 pages of advertising from the likes of HMV and Pringles. While ogling semi-clad women through 3D glasses was agony, we felt it was a hardship we had to go through for professional reasons. Now we're hoping 3D content enters the magazine mainstream.


The price of the iPad

We've enjoyed playing around with iPads owned by our geek mates who ordered them from the US, but we've been slightly put off buying one when they go on sale on Friday by the cost involved. At around £700 for a top-of-the-range 3G iPad, with network tariffs on top, we think we might stick with our iPhones and BlackBerrys for the time being. There are bound to be some online deals available soon, though.