Media: Things we like

Sky News in HD

Sky's recent investment in launching its news channel in HD is really impressive. Not only are the images from major events much sharper, but the whole screen design and captioning is much improved on Sky News in standard definition. With interest in the Government, economy and global events growing by the day, the HD launch of Sky News has come at the perfect time and looks set to help the channel grow its audiences.

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans

We enjoyed our Bank Holiday trip to the Odeon to see Werner Herzog's crazy and darkly comic take on the story of a cop caught in a downward spiral of corruption and drug abuse. Nicolas Cage gives a surprisingly strong performance in the lead role but it is the stylish direction and surrealist moments that really make the film stand out. The scene where Cage hallucinates that there are two iguanas in the room with him while the old Johnny Adams song Release Me plays in the background is set to inspire at least a dozen commercials in the future.

Sainsbury's Magazine new format

As one of the largest circulation titles in the UK and with more than four million readers, Sainsbury's Magazine has had a longstanding appeal to advertisers wanting to reach large numbers of women. So we were encouraged to see the title's publisher, Seven Squared, launch a handbag-sized version of the title to supplement the main print run of its standard size. The new format launch should boost sales of the title in Sainsbury's Local outlets and ensure it maintains its strong readership going forward.

GQ's World Cup covers

Conde Nast's GQ hits the newsstands this week with five different covers to celebrate the start of the World Cup. The five covers accompany exclusive interviews with five potential stars of the World Cup: Spain's Cesc Fabregas, the Ivory Coast's Didier Drogba, England's Rio Ferdinand, Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and the England manager, Fabio Capello. It's good to see the magazine going the extra mile for readers and advertisers.


Jeremy Kyle's column in The Sun

We're big fans of some of The Sun's content - Dear Deirdre is a must-read most days - but guest columnist Jeremy Kyle's page last Thursday was a shocker. How can a man so controversial on TV be so dull in print? A column made up of anecdotes such as "I met Colin Montgomery and, guess what, he turned out to be a really nice bloke" is not the stuff that will stir up readers of the red top. We never thought we'd say this but it was a relief to see Kelvin MacKenzie return this week.