Media: Things we like

The new US Old Spice ad

After deservedly scooping the Film Lions Grand Prix in Cannes last month for the brilliantly funny Old Spice "man your man could smell like" ad, we're pleased to see that Wieden & Kennedy Portland has managed to avoid the "difficult second-album syndrome" by following it up with another cracking spot. Featuring another epic performance by Isaiah Mustafa, the ad is as cleverly scripted and well executed as the last, this time swapping diamonds, horses and "tickets to that thing you like" for gourmet cakes, motorbikes and "swan dives". Hilarious.


We enjoyed the first episode of ITV's new six-part crime drama based around identity theft. Featuring Keeley Hawes and The Wire star Aidan Gillen, it's clearly not in the league of the likes of The Wire but the action moved at a good pace and the performances were strong. The show also has the virtue of seeming far more modern than outgoing ITV fare such as The Bill. It will be interesting to see how strong audiences will be given the summer scheduling of the new series, but Identity deserves to do well.

Facebook's 'like' button

It's been around for a few weeks now but the introduction of the "like" button into websites owned by publishers seems to be working wonders for those who have introduced it and experienced significant increases in traffic. The button basically links content on sites "liked" by Facebook users to their friends, potentially providing a greater audience for publishers. Obviously, this is good news for Facebook too but this seems like a win-win situation.

Conde Nast Traveller apps

Conde Nast Traveller provides us with some much-needed escapism during hard days at work and its latest move, the launch of four city guides on apps for the iPhone, is a welcome one. Conde Nast hasn't rushed to market with the apps (there is one each covering Rome, Barcelona, New York and Paris) but has commissioned special editorial and will provide free updates each quarter for users of the apps. GPS and augmented reality features makes these apps a must for the stylish traveller.


BBC executive pay

While the commercial sector is cutting its cloth according to market conditions, it seems that the bloated BBC has yet to introduce such measures. This week's BBC annual report revealed that the top 15 BBC executives were paid a total of £4.76 million last year, an increase from the £4.6 million paid out in the previous year. The BBC has pledged to cut overall numbers of senior managers by 2013 but unless the very top tier of its team make sacrifices, the BBC will continue to look out of step with the rest of the broadcasting market.