Media: Things we like

We were intrigued to find out the relative crime statistics of where we live and work and compare them with people we know, so thought that this initiative was a good idea. Sadly, the website, which was set up to provide information about crime and policing on a street level, crashed on its first day. So we'll just have to return to normal and look out of the window on the alarmingly regular occasions a police car goes screaming by and speculate what crimes are being committed on Hammersmith Road.

Dave vs Dave

Congratulations to Engine's branding agency Dave. After a three-year battle, it successfully defeated the UKTV-owned channel, formerly known as UKTV G2, which had sought to register the name as a European trademark. While we have nothing in particular against Dave the channel, its success following the rebrand was always overstated and had as much to do with it getting a position on Freeview as its new "blokeish" identity. It also spawned a rash of other daft rebrands of UKTV channels that led to the creation of Alibi and Yesterday and were rather less successful. Given that the importance of trademarks are the business of Dave the branding agency, perhaps this was a fight that UKTV should not have picked.

Outdoor Hall of Fame

It's always good to have the chance to vent your spleen (you mean you've never tried blogging?) but we're sufficiently big-hearted here to also enjoy dishing out praise where it's due. So it's with good grace and an open mind that we shall be happily trawling through the past five decades of poster ads and casting our votes for the new Outdoor Hall of Fame. It's a joint initiative between Campaign and the newly branded Outdoor Media Centre. Anyone can vote for their favourites in the shortlist at before 4 March, when the ads that make the final gallery will be unveiled. Now's the time to claim with impunity that staring at Eva Herzigova in a Wonderbra is truly in the name of work.


The Guardian

Astonishingly, given the unrest in Egypt that could have potentially drastic implications for the security of the whole of the Middle East, the precarious state of the British economy and the freak weather that once again threatens Australia, the news agenda that The Guardian is most interested in is whether a former tabloid editor phone-tapped Leslie Ash and others. While it can congratulate itself for claiming the scalp of Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor who recently stepped down as David Cameron's communications director, is this story really of much interest to anyone beyond journalists? The Guardian is in danger of turning into Press Gazette.