Media: Things we like


It was a great week for cricket-lovers, not just because England emerged victorious from one of the most closely fought and exciting tussles in the sport's history, but also because Channel 4 viewers were treated to some truly spell-binding commentary, courtesy of Geoffrey Boycott. For example, when a bad ball from Ashley Giles was smacked away for an easy four, Boycott declared: "He could have hit that with a stick of rhubarb. It's rubbish is that!" The cricket helped Channel 4 achieve its highest Saturday rating in its history.


We were dismayed to find out that the Financial Times was dropping its Companies & Markets section during August. A whole pound for just one section? Our miserly instincts are easily offended, so now that the FT has done an about-turn (it refuses to say whether this was due to reader complaints) and will continue to publish in two sections, we're much happier.


This month's uber-trendy Wallpaper* comes over all like an OK! for the media community, with a tour around Rupert Murdoch's ultra-modern Mayfair apartment. Marvel at Murdoch's 62-inch plasma television, video conferencing cameras hidden in books and a glass ceiling that opens on to a roof terrace. But how nice to see a couple of bottles of VB beer in the fridge too.


Satellite music channels in general are a fantastic way to idle away four or five relaxing hours of a day. But VH2's 4Play segment, which shows four back-to-back songs from one band, is a work of genius. This is especially effective if the bands are The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Cure and Guns N' Roses. A fine hour spent in the company of wonderful artists.

AND ONE THING WE DON'T ... easyHotels

We reckon Stelios Haji-Ioannou plumbed new depths of cheap 'n' nastiness when he added easyHotels to his easyGroup empire last week. Who cares if you're only paying 20 quid a night? Even the most penny-watching tightwad imaginable would surely regret waking up with a hangover in one of the hotel's "small" or "tiny" rooms, painted in a shocking orange colour. Give us a park bench or a terminal at Heathrow Airport any time of the week.