Media: Things we like


Sky+ has always been essential for keeping up with your favourite programmes, but now Sky has made it even more useful. If you've forgotten to set the box, you can now set your Sky+ recorder using your mobile. Just text the name and time of the programme to Sky and they'll do the rest. Cue even more time in front of the TV.


Some of the more progressive brands are starting to promote their products via new media with serious vigour and commitment. This is one of the best efforts around. The Brazilian lager brand Brahma has set up a website in conjunction with the Radio 1 DJ and figurehead for the nu-jazz generation Gilles Peterson, who is strongly associated with championing Brazilian music in the UK. Six podcasts include interviews, original music, live sessions and more. They can be downloaded for free at


Finally, after more than a decade of off-and-on rumours, Superman is back on the big screen. As fans of the original franchise, we were worried this new treatment would fail to live up to our expectations, but we're glad to report Superman Returns is great fun. It's a love story in essence, but despite this there are plenty of spectacular action scenes. Best of all is the new Superman, played by Brandon Routh. He is equally adept at being strong and serious as Superman, or clumsy as Clark Kent. The film also earns extra brownie points for bringing back Marlon Brando as Superman's father and for John Williams' stirring theme tune.


Signing in at a couple of agencies recently, we couldn't help noticing some well-placed stickers with the Virgin Radio logo printed on them. Apparently, the Virgin Radio sales team has been using the stickers, which are just 1cm x 1cm, in visitors' books as a way to promote the brand at advertisers and agencies. Despite their size, they really stand out.



It's a shame to kick ITV1 when it's down, but the latest series of Love Island is a massive disappointment, both in terms of content and ratings. The "action" has been a yawn and it's telling that ITV has dropped the "celebrity" from the title, an acknowledgement that the likes of Paul Gascoigne's step-daughter don't really qualify. Last Friday, Love Island managed to record its lowest ratings so far - a dismal total of 1.5 million viewers was even trounced by a repeat of Law & Order on five. ITV will be hoping for the recovery in ratings that the show managed last year. However, despite the introduction to the island of Steve-O, of Jackass fame, this may prove a stretch too far.