Media: Things we like

Sky movie promos

Sky Movies has created an amusing on-air promo lampooning the advertising campaign for Film4 as it comes under attack from Channel 4's free-to-air channel. The promo features a red plastic lobster in Trafalgar Square, gripping a rather flimsy-looking cardboard sign in its claw. The sign reads: "Ad Free Films." This is a funny and well-timed, tongue-in-cheek dig from the satellite broadcaster, which successfully sends up Channel 4's luvvie infested ads.

Red Bull sponsorship

Red Bull's sponsorship of the base jumper Felix Baumgartner brings the concept of "Red Bull gives you wings" squarely to life. Last week, the brand got loads of coverage in the Swedish press following his latest stunt, jumping from a helicopter on to the Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmo and then from there to the ground. You can watch the film, complete with Red Bull-branded parachute, at the web address

V Festival

Another year and another great V Festival. Okay, the weather was disappointing and the queues for drinks and the toilets were long, but the bands were brilliant and the atmosphere was electric. Normally, a set nudging two hours would test the patience of a crowd, but Radiohead rocked the Chelmsford crowd on Saturday night and the time flew by. Other highlights included Beck and even Girls Aloud.

Harsh Times

Christian Bale has a long way to go before he can be crowned the new Robert de Niro, but he's certainly well on the way. Following great performances in American Pyscho and The Machinist, Bale has delivered another barnstorming performance in Harsh Times. Bale throws himself into the part with crazed conviction as an unstable Iraq war vet who's back on civvy street and looking for kicks. But don't be put off by the film's title. For all the anger and alienation on display, it has a strong black comedy element running through it. Possibly the stand-out movie of the summer.



If you fancy a bit of relaxing in front of the telly on a Sunday evening, don't turn to BBC2's Home. Yep, the Beeb's attempt to jump on the home improvement bandwagon is totally uninspiring. The reports don't inform anyone about anything. Take, for instance, last Sunday's interview with an aging couple about their beige bathroom and the revelation that their wall-mounted clock only cost £19. Wow.