Media: Things we like


Stephen Fry's first TV drama series for ten years got off to a fine start on Sunday. Fry plays the country solicitor Peter Kingdom and looks like he might manage to put East Anglia back on the map. The first episode made for perfect Sunday night viewing, with a warm, convincing portrayal from Fry. It also pulled in an audience greater than eight million - not bad for a first outing for the new character.


If you're trying to attract the slightly scary, thuggish end of the lad market, you could do a lot worse than getting behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship. For the company's first real foray into the UK market, the mixed martial arts competition filled the 20,000-seater MEN Arena. The crowd kept up an impressive level of threatening bloodlust throughout, loving the action on display - especially the triumph of local hero, the Chorley-born Michael Bisping, who destroyed his opponent.


Not content with playing great characters such as Uncle Monty in Withnail and I and Henry Crabbe in Pie in the Sky, the portly character actor Griffiths has been winning plaudits for his performance alongside the naked Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the West End production of Equus. We especially love that Griffiths intends to take the cast on a big piss-up in the country once the run has ended. So what will Griffiths be up to while the others go wild? "I'll sit and be anonymous while the others play cricket and entertain themselves. I'll be reading and writing dirty postcards to my pals."


The Korean film that supposedly inspired the Virginia Tech campus killer is one of the best films of recent years. Encouraging, then, that the likes of the Daily Mail have probably done wonders for its DVD sales by giving it front-page coverage, accompanied by huge straplines such as "the depraved film the campus killer copied". The downside is another endless debate on the influence of violent films and music on sociopaths.



The luggage company Samsonite recently commissioned the UK designer Alexander McQueen to develop a new range, which includes 11 pieces of designer luggage. The ad campaign has just broken and the luggage looks really ugly. The A/1 suitcase, a cheeky little white number, is modelled on a human ribcage and the A/2 seeks to recreate the armour of a crocodile. McQueen, though, is clearly having fun. He said of the ribcage-style case: "There's a slightly sick side to it, it's like having a body in a bag." What a lovely thought.