Media: Things we like


Forget the hype around the Indian Premier League, we've been enjoying the feast of beach cricket on Sky Sports. Featuring lots of old, fat former cricketers from England, New Zealand and Australia, it's fast and fun to watch and set on a warm beach in Australia with blue skies overhead. We especially like the fact that the players wear microphones so that the commentators can poke fun at their less-than-athletic efforts.


The film title has once again excelled with a standout cover to shift copies at the newsstand. This time around it's claiming a "world first" with a 3-D cover featuring the new Hulk film. The cover isn't the usual lenticular 3-D job, tried many times by Empire in the past, but a hand-crafted mould featuring the Hulk bursting through a wall. The publisher Bauer Consumer Media worked closely with the print production company Vinalith to produce the cover and is hoping the impact will help continue its recent run of circulation increases.


Coming a close second to beach cricket in the relaxing sports stakes is the coverage of the snooker World Championship on the BBC. We're enjoying the interactive red button coverage, which means we can watch the action no matter what else is on BBC2. There have already been some epic encounters and most of the big names are still in the frame. We've also been amused by the players' row with the BBC and the tournament organiser over sponsor logos - with rules stating that players can only wear one sponsor logo in addition to the official tournament one. The Aussie potter Neil Robertson was especially upset at having to lose Burger King.


With excitement building ahead of the next James Bond film, this exhibition at the Imperial War Museum is worth checking out. It celebrates the Bond author Ian Fleming on the centenary of his birth and focuses on how closely his books reflected the reality of the Cold War. There's some famous material on display - from original manuscripts to props from the films. There's plenty of time to catch the exhibition - it's on until next March.



We felt disappointed and let down by the first issue of the revamped Daily Sport - not so much with the content (predictable lads' mag stuff from the bottom of a ten-year-old FHM barrel marked "unused"), but with the massive coverprice and lack of any advertising. The management at the Sport seems either brave or stupid to charge 50p for the title, especially when punters can get The Sun for 20p in the South-East. And despite the new team creating a supplement for all the phone-line and contact ads, its first issue did not contain a single paid-for ad in the main section.